Website Maintenance

Websites age and wither over time. Proper website maintenance helps keep them looking young and fresh. Dharne Systems Pvt. Ltd. is based in Pune, India and offers website maintenance that overcomes the most common reasons for deterioration in your website’s quality like

  • Unplanned changes in website content.
  • Addition and removal of pages
  • Changes in technology leading to newer screen resolutions, browser versions and devices.
  • Lack of attention to website for long period.
  • Every website needs detailed attention such that it fully achieves its potential of branding and driving sales for your business. Our website maintenance service will help ensure your website is always upto your customers’ expectations.

    Our website maintenance services include:

    • Photo and Graphics updates
    • New Articles Addition
    • Check Inbound and Outbound website links
    • Add / Edit Meta tags to reflect new content
    • Add Website Traffic Analysis ( Google Analytics )
    • Adding Newsletter Subscription / Management
    • Add XML Sitemap
    • Product Changes
    • Add/Update website forms
    • WordPress Blog Integration
    • Integrating Forum with website
    • Social Media feeds integration
    • Google Maps integration
    • Update CMS plugins if using WordPress or Joomla
    • Save time and money spent on your website with regular maintenance. Dharne Systems Pvt. Ltd. will help you focus on your business and stop worrying about your website and online properties.