Web Analytics

Statistics are like bank accounts, what they suggest is indicative but what they mask is essential. Enterprises that apply web analytics have 33% more revenue growth and 12X more profit growth. Be proactive and embrace web analytics to stand apart from your competition. At Dharne we convert data into information and transform that information into meaningful insights. We fancy what others hate. Numbers! We crunch them to give you all kind of analysis that will help you reach your marketing goals & optimum ROI.

Our Approach

While most people quiver with fear when it comes to analyzing data and leveraging it to make holistic decisions, at Dharne CPA is in our DNA. Our team of experts unravels the toad of truth that lies in the swamp of data to gain visibility and deliver customized value propositions, thereby transporting your financial performance to scale new heights. Web analytics helps your organization to mitigate risk, become proactive and adopt a forward looking perspective to optimally align yourself to grab the opportunity when it presents itself at your doorstep.