Social Media Marketing

We help manage your profile across multiple social media websites.

social-media-marketing81% of the consumers are influenced by what their friends post on social media when making a purchase decision. You can adopt the archaic approach, to toil to make both ends meet by indulging in activities that wail for attention but in truth, they are simply empty vessels that make the most noise or you can be the smart one, and just stop working and embrace networking, to engage your prospects and build collaborative relations. At Dharne we breathe life into your social media campaigns and you can leverage our domain expertise to get scalable solutions for your business.

Our Social media marketing services

  • Account Creation across various social sites like Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn
  • Adding updates regularly based on content provided by you.
  • Designing Avatars, Backgrounds, Logos and other images to display with your profile.
  • Blog Theme Design and Custom blog website design
  • Integrate Facebook Connect, Google Connect, social media links with your website.
  • Extend our SEO Services to include elements of Social Media Marketing.

Benefits of social media marketing

  • Increased visitor traffic
  • Building customer loyalty
  • High returns at low costs
  • Complementary to traditional marketing

Over the years we have successfully served clients from different business domains in reputation building and increasing brand awareness. We have conducted in-depth research on the various online social media and understand what’s needed to make you stand out.

Today, customers utilize the web for everything from shopping, finding information, sharing experiences and so on. Social media websites prove useful to interact with your customers, to provide feedback and act upon suggestions.

Contact us and benefit from the immense potential of social media.