Search Engine Optimization

The Google Search Engine Results are like the 10 seats in the VIP lounge. If you can muster strong connections and pull the right strings to help you join the VIP’s and keep the hecklers away – you will gain a vantage position without any obstacles and gain a distinctive competitive advantage as people make 100 billion Google searches per month which is equivalent to an average of 3.3 billion searches per day which reiterates the potential of SEO which is our core competency at Dharne that our elite clients can harness.

SEO Benefits

  • Improve Rankings and Positioning in Search Results
  • Gain New Relevant Visitors and Build Brand Recognition.
  • Increase Leads, Sales and Conversions

SEO Services from Dharne & Company

Dharne & Company helps you rank higher for relevant target keywords using proven SEO best practices. We help build targeted content backed by effective action plans to attract visitors and grow traffic. We optimize your website to convert your visitors to customers.

SEO Process

  1. SEO Goal Understanding based on a thorough study of your business and website
  2. Keyword Research & Analysis to choose highly effective building blocks for success
  3. SEO Benchmarking to identify current status of Website SEO and online brand presence
  4. Competitor Analysis to learn and identify key elements to build a Goal oriented SEO strategy.
  5. Website & Content Optimization to make your website useful for visitors and search engine friendly.
  6. Social Media Integration to identify social signals search engines like
  7. Local SEO to enhance your local presence if your business is location specific
  8. Backlinks & Citation Building to get more visitors through referrals and boost search rankings
  9. SEO maintenance to tweak website for search engine performance improvement
  10. Monthly Reporting that gives you a clear picture of results and efforts