Search Engine Marketing

You may have fabulous, creative, relevant and engaging content but it is meaningless unless your website is visible to potential customers. 75% of the prospective customers would never even scroll to the second page and spend their precious time to find their desired content. In the digital era unless your result is available in real time your prospects have diverted elsewhere. We at Dharne are a team of dedicated experts who refuse to let our esteemed customers come up short on search engine results page by using Google ads, Yahoo ads, and Bing ads. We relentlessly track SEO rankings and adjust SEM bidding accordingly, ensuring your brand stays where it should be—at the top.


PPC campaign management service includes:

  • Using Keywords to generate a PPC Campaign
  • Creating Relevant Ads
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Monitoring Bids and Optimizing Your Campaign
  • Generating Traffic Analysis Reports