Email Marketing

The Best Converting Web Marketing Channel to stay in Front of your Customers & Fans

Effective Email Marketing

Dharne & Company offers email marketing service that adheres to long learned best practices for maximum opens and click throughs.

Key Elements of Email Marketing

  • Setup: We help you setting up your account with leading email service providers – Constant Contact, iContact, MailChimp and more.
  • Integration: Integrating subscription capture elements into your website, blog and other online assets. Integrating social elements like Facebook, Twitter, etc for the campaign
  • Design: Creating effective Emailer Design that works
  • Execution: Campaign Testing, Scheduling and Sending
  • Analytics: Campaign tracking and Analytics integration

The Email Marketing Process

Our well oiled email marketing process backed by experienced designers, html experts and Email Marketers ensures a successful campaign. The 10 step process involves


  • Analysing your current email marketing capabilities and assets
  • Setting up your account with an email service provider if you don’t already have one.
  • Setting up subscriber capture elements like forms, call to action on your websites and other online assets.
  • Designing custom Emailer templates and converting to valid HTML that works across email interfaces.
  • Integrating custom or provided templates in your campaign setup
  • Adding contact lists if available.
  • Scheduling and sending emails based on best practices.
  • Integrating campaign with Analytics.
  • Tracking email campaign performance.
  • Reporting campaign performance.