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Political campaigns are exploring the avenues of online marketing and advertising — but they are far more skeptical than other industries in their approach to harness the Internet’s potential to reach voters or customers. Although some candidates prefer to play it safe and stick to tried-and-tested formula to reach voters, now political campaigns are no longer accessed only by votes accrued and fundraising capabilities, but by a political party’s’ grasp and implementation of digital strategies to get their message across in which social media engagement plays a pivotal role to capture the mind space of the potential voters.

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We Specialize in executing successful election campaign for both Political Parties and Individual Candidates

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Package Plan For Election Campaign

Activity Starter Standard Premium Business Gold Business
Per Month Rs-50,000 Rs-75,000 Rs-85,000 Rs-1,50,000 Rs-3,00,000
Activity Starter Standard Premium Business Gold Business
Blog Creation
Article Creation
Press Release
Video Promotion
Brochure Design
Social Media Paid Compaign For Social Media will Cost Extra-Rs-20,000 Per Month
Facebook Promotion
Twitter Promotion
Google+ Promotion
YouTube Channels
Paid Compaigns-Google Paid Compaign will Cost Extra-Rs-30,000 Per Month
Keyword Research 10 Keyword 30 Keyword 70 Keyword 100+ Keyword
Capmaign Creation
Selection of Landing Pages
Paid Campaigns Yahoo/Bing
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Our Approach towards creating Digital Marketing Strategy for Politicians

At the outset, we conduct an online checkup with a motive to determine the current awareness and perception about the politician. We track conversations online and identify what is fueling those conversations. Upon completion of the initial online checkup we typecast positives and negatives. This helps us prioritize our work schedule and build a broad Digital Marketing strategy for politicians. Subsequently, we brainstorm and narrow down to a theme that conveys the right campaign message most effectively. We specialize in creating slogans that spread like a wild fire and optimize political advertising campaigns by only targeting respective constituencies to win public admiration.

Objectives of online political campaigns

  • Name Awareness
  • Trust Building
  • Message Dissemination
  • Capture Mind Space

Our Services for Winning Election Campaigns

  • Website Design and Creation
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Slogan Creation
  • Design Communication Strategy
  • Online Conversation Tracking
  • Crisis Management
Myths about Online Political Campaigns

Here are some myths that have been busted for attempting to prevent campaigns from Digital Marketing.

Myth – Constraints of a short time span and specific geographic location don’t apply to political campaigns.

Previously, during an offline political advertisement campaign or a rally the target audience addressed by the candidate was limited to the location he/she visited. But with a digital marketing strategy in place the politicians were able to cater to an audience at a national level rather than merely at a local level. Also, a candidate can target his/her particular constituency and spread the message to people who will actually decide their fate.

This is precisely why political campaigns should continue to expand their ambit into the digital sphere. It is the only avenue which provides flexibility andinstant feedback to voters. Unlike their counterparts’ direct mail, print, and television the ability to customize the creative is almost instant.

The online space allows you to test and alter your creative until you are able to compile a perfect message before committing your precious resources of time and money. Analytics grinds out meaningful insights at a brisk pace. It’s the ability to act promptly on these insights that portrays digital agility.

Political parties can convert their TV ad into interactive videos that engage voters, expand reach, and builds awareness about their candidate’s message. Video ads are very effective to educate and persuade potential voters. Display and social ads drive action. This can be done by geo-targeting selected areas.

Myth – Voters have a heavy dependence on traditional media for their campaign news and updates.

This does not have relevance today. The bottom line is that political campaigns need to be in every nook and cranny of voters. In order to do that, political campaigns need to embrace the opportunity that digital marketing provides. Digital media gives campaigns the ability to understand the psychology of voters. It empowers them with the ability to reach the target audience with precision. Last but not the least, it can be done fast and at scale.

Voters have become tech savvy, reliant on smartphones, tablets and desktops to view their favorite TV show or listen to radio online. They are on social media sharing articles, videos, and their thoughts on issues that are important to them.

The world of political campaign managementhas witnessed a paradigm shift in recent years. The election campaigns have slowly but surely evolved from a mere billboard and/or leaflet political advertising campaigns to an extent where major political parties have begun to explore online marketing andits trendsetting mediums like social media and mobileto win political campaigns with digital marketing.

The underlying question here is, how long can political parties afford to be ignorantto the role of social media in electionsbefore they embrace it completelyandleverage it to spread their message effectively?

Just try to recollect the decisive victory of Obama in the United States Presidential Elections of 2012 and how his digital marketing campaign made history. He ingeniouslyutilized well-established social media platforms to build a strong bond with American voters. Obama’s implementation of adigital marketing strategy influenced Indian politicians to formulate a social media strategy.

As a result, in the 2014 LokSabha elections NarendraModi left no stone unturned in his election campaign, where for the first time in Indian political history, traditional advertising was complemented by online marketing to reach out to Indian voters.

Digital Marketing Game Changer for Political Campaigns

Here is how digital marketing is hailed as a game changer

Engage the masses in political discussion

Voters do not want to be swamped with the same creative repeatedly else they will lose interest. Political advertisement campaigns need to have multiple creative versions of an ad, organize them and tactfully rotate ads, and add fresh perspectives during the duration of the campaign to avoid falling into this trap. Obama and Modi have followed this mantra and as a result, Obama is known as the first social media president of U.S.A, similarly Modi has grabbed the coveted title of first social media prime minister of India. Indian politics had taken a page out of the book of Obamas’ successful political campaign and employed a digital marketing strategy for their political party’s endeavor. Hence theywere able to connectwith common people and understand their mindset which was a code that others had failed to crack.

Assisted in the upliftment of the image of politicians

Social Media provides politicians a platform wherein they can express themselves and create their desired image, whether it actually happens or not is an entirely another story. Social Media can either make it or break it for a politician. The point that we are trying to make is Social Media provides an opportunity to politicians and sometimes that is all they want.

Stunning impact on first time voters and the youth of India

Youngster’s actively participate when it comes to using social networking sites as a tool to discovering election related content and communicate with each other in real-time. Frequent updates and proactive involvement of electoral candidates certainly inspires the youth to come up and vote for their favored candidate in the forthcoming elections.

Digital Media has surpassed the mainstream media

In this digital era, people are no longer at the mercy of the next day’s newspaper to get their election update or wait to go home and switch on TVs to watch the latest Newsbytes on the election front. The people can track each and every action of their favored politicianon social media itself through the regularly updated social media pages with fresh content in real time and on the go such as promoted images, videos etc. in their social profile. Mainstream media is a credible source, but it is no longer a first-hand source of news for the active users of social media.

Hence for a successful political campaign in future political parties will have to integrate digital media to mobilize swing voters. We have “signed-in” into a new era and with our digital expertise, we at Dharne are the ones to give your political campaign a head start and have fuel in the tank to storm it past the finish line.

Social Media - The Mantra for Successful Election Campaigns

Social Media has become the new battle ground. In this muddle of online political campaigning BJP’s strategy has been the most effective. They have hired experts and given them full liberty to manage their social media. Even after the elections we see PM NarendraModi going all guns out on social media. Smart politicians have understood social media is inevitable. As per the recent Google survey social media had an impact on around 30% seats in LokSabha Elections 2014. It likely influenced 160 of India’s 543 Parliamentary constituencies making Facebook and Twitter users the nation’s newest voting bloc as per IAMAI.

Social Media - The Mantra for Successful Election Campaigns

Case Study – How Digital Marketing Personified Brand Narendra Modi !